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The world's storytelling renaissance began in Jonesborough, a tiny town in the mountains of Tennessee.

On a warm October day in 1973, the town of Jonesborough played host to the first National Storytelling Festival. The Festival was tiny, but something happened that October weekend that has changed forever our culture, this traditional art form, and this Tennessee town.

Now going into its 34th year, the National Storytelling Festival was created by Jimmy Neil Smith, a former journalism teacher and mayor of Jonesborough. His inspiration, quite simply, was a well-told tale heard over a car radio—a story told by Grand Ole Opry star Jerry Clower about hunting in Mississippi. Why not a storytelling festival? Smith wondered.

The first National Storytelling Festival, the first of its kind anywhere in the world, ignited a renaissance of storytelling that is, even today, continuing to sweep the globe. People across America and the world are rediscovering the simplicity and basic truth of the told story.

Ancient storytelling traditions are being recognized and reborn. Storytelling organizations, festivals, and educational events now dot the globe, and the professional storyteller, a fixture in more primitive times and cultures, has re-appeared.

The autumn festival, held under colorful circus tents scattered throughout Jonesborough, now attracts over 10,000 visitors, and this first-of-its-kind event has become the flagship of this international revival of storytelling. Jonesborough, the festival's home, is recognized worldwide as the revival's birthplace.

Two years after the first festival, the National Storytelling Association was founded to spearhead America's storytelling renaissance. For almost a quarter of a century, NSA served as the connecting point for this storytelling revival—the momentum behind this ever-widening movement.

Today, NSA—now known as the International Storytelling Center—promotes the power of storytelling and the creative applications of this ancient tradition to enrich the human experience in the home, at the workplace, and within the world community.

Just as the first National Storytelling Festival gave birth almost 34 years ago to a quiet revolution felt across the globe, we expect that over the next 30 years and beyond the work of the International Storytelling Center will help transform our world—making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families, corporations and institutions, and communities and cultures everywhere.
Storytelling is as old as humankind yet as new as this morning's news headlines.
Thursday, 19 August 2004 20:11

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We have told stories since the beginning of time. They are the narratives of life, spanning the centuries and connecting the generations. They are the vessels in which we carry our history and traditions, our values and lessons for living, our hopes and dreams.

Storytelling encompasses virtually every facet of human endeavor. This ancient tradition is at the heart of the human experience and is just as vital today, just as much a thread of our social fabric, as ever before.

Inspired by an international renaissance of storytelling, people around the world are turning to the ancient tradition of storytelling to produce positive change in our world.

The International Storytelling Center—to further infuse storytelling into the mainstream of our society—is building nearly 40 years of history to promote the power of storytelling and its creative applications to build a better world.

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